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Can a rug be too big?!

A rug can be so much more than a simple floor covering and yet, it is this simplicity that makes rugs once of the most sought after items when it comes completing a room or interior design scheme.

But, so often, the high hopes people have of the humble rug can thwarted and there is one common element that places the placement of a rug in jeopardy – its size. Either too big or too small, the consequences can be the same; it can be lost or swamp a room.

However, it seems that the problem has been identified – people are frightened of size; rather than making a mistake and thinking it will be too big, erring on the side of caution people opt for a rug that is simply too small, spending many months (years, even) wishing that ‘if only they had got the next size up…’.

And so, following our 5 point guide to getting the right sized rug as your browse the large rugs from The Rug Retailer…

Point 1: Decide on the focus

Did you think that simply choosing a large rug and putting it on the floor was all that it took? Think again!

It can be that simple but with a little effort, choosing the right large rug can be really set the room in proportion. The first step is to decide what the focus in a room is – is it the rug? Is it another item, such as a sofa OR, is it a location, such as the fireplace?

If it’s the rug – go for it in terms of style, colour, pattern and size but, if you want to rug to draw the eye to a location or another item in the room, you will need to lend more consideration to choosing colours, patterns and style that complement the item or location. But don’t forget contrast in a room is a great way of adding textures and layers.

Point 2: Visualise a large rug in a room

There are not many people who can really ‘see’ how a large rug would fit in their room and this can contribute to the feeling of disappointment when the rug is laid. So, hop off to your local hard ware shop and buy a reel of masking tape!

Use this to mark out the size of rug you either have your eye on or think you need; you will either see the error of your ways immediately or be comforted by the knowledge you got it right!

Still think the rug will not be large enough? Consider having a rug made to your exact measurements…

Point 3: Equal measures

Another point that can detract from the beauty of a large rug in a room is uneven floor space around the edge. It may, in some cases, only be a fraction different but as soon as you lose the equal measure around the edge of a room, the rug will look off-centre and this can play havoc with the natural placing of the ‘eye’!

If you are placing a large rug in a lounge or dining room, make sure that all the furniture can fit on the rug without making the centre of the room look crowded. Likewise, sitting on a dining chair that has the front legs on the rug, but the back two legs off the rug can make eating a meal a feat of balance as you see-saw on your chair…

Point 4: Scale and proportion

However, on the other hand, there can be times when the balance of a room means the rug needs to be off-set BUT, there are specific places when a large rug will need to place in an off-centre way. Quirkiness is one thing, but it can detract from the balance of a room.

In the bedroom, for example, a large rug can look great pulled up to one wall with the bed placed squarely on it; clearly, there will carpet or bare floor boards to three sides of the large rug but, providing that the rug is serving a clear purpose, the room will be balanced. Frequently, in cases like this, the location of the rug needs to be done by eye, rather than by scientific measuring.

Tape Measure

The tape measure can be your best friend when it comes to buying the right size large rug

Point 5: Remember, it is a rug!

Large rugs are great; they bring so much to an interior design and can instantly add class and elegance to a room but, a wall to wall rug would mean it is a carpet and this will detract from its beauty.
Interior designers who regularly use large rugs suggest that at least 8 to 12 inches should be left between the edge of the rug and the wall; for example a room measuring 5 ‘ by 7’ would easily accommodate a rug 3’ by 5’.

In summary…

Choosing the right rug size is important; too small and it serves no purpose other than getting in the way or looking ‘lost’. Likewise too big, and it also loses the elegance that you want to bring to a room. Follow our 5 point guide and you won’t go wrong!

How to successfully use round rugs

Round rugs are not difficult to incorporate in to a home and yet, of all the shapes and sizes of rugs, the circular rug seems to be the one that most people are nervous of. Does it deserve to be labelled as difficult? Could the round rug be successful in your home?

Using a round rug in any space is not difficult but with the number of round rugs from The Rug Retailer growing almost daily, you can be forgiven for being a little daunted by the choice and range on offer!
However, there are easy, simple ways to make sure that any round rug of your choice fits comfortably and beautifully within a space, regardless of which room in the house it is.

What do round rugs have in common with their square or rectangular cousins?

Size, proportion, scale – call it what you will, but getting the right size for the room is a factor that is even stronger when it comes to round rugs, over its square or rectangular rug cousins.

The best way to scale a rug is to have the furniture nearly touching or the legs of some furniture on the rug; this gives the rug a sense of proportion within a space and allows the eye to be ‘restful’ in a room.
However, round rugs with their curved edge can present a slight difficulty; get a round rug that is too small, and its curved edge may be too much on show beneath or next to items of furniture – this can jar the ‘eye’, as well as looking slightly odd within a room.

The key to getting it right really is simple – you need a larger sized round rug than you first thought. Take time to measure and draw a chalk line on the floor as to where you need the round rug curved edge to be that will mean it is still on show, but big enough to ‘accommodate the space’.

Keep the furniture round!

The best way to really accentuate the curved edge of a round rug is to place ‘round’ furniture on it; the delicious curves, for example, of a dining table, with chairs accommodated on a round rug looks elegant.
A note on dining chairs – with round rugs (and all shaped rugs in fact) you need to make a choice about legs on or off the rug when it comes to using them. With round rugs, it can be near impossible to sit comfortably on a chair, with two legs on the rug and two legs off; in fact, opting for a round rug that means no chairs are on it when sitting at the dining table may mean it is the size of a bath mat, lost under the charm and elegance of your dining table.
If you are buying a round rug for UNDER the dining table, get one that is large enough to accommodate chairs ON it.

Minimalist interior design

Who doesn’t love curves? But it want to show the curved edge of a round rug off even more, revelling in its delightful curvaceous appeal, then circular rug works brilliantly in a minimalist interior design.

ALL rugs, regardless of shape, deserve to be the focal point, or the anchor, of any interior design but with circular rugs, they deserve this accolade even more. A minimalist interior design scheme still needs a resting point for the eye, so why not give this important job to a circular rug, either in the centre or off-centre of a room?

Creating a real piece of art – in your home!

There are not many shapes that can create a vignette within a home. A vignette is the ability of something – an object, a piece of art, a round rug, anything! – to create an artistic masterpiece or viewpoint before your very eyes.
Round rugs work well anywhere in the home; the hallway, the bathroom, softening the angles of corners in larger rooms, an anchor point in a child’s room or the textured rug that you place your feet on first thing in the morning. And they can add a certain dash of much needed style, a hint of the spectacular in an otherwise ‘normal’ or ‘usual’ space.

Even better than using a curvaceous rug is to use on with an abundance of colour; from the delightful multi coloured pom-pom style round rugs to the coloured, pattern round rugs that are increasingly popular today.

lots of round rugs

Add small, yet functional items of furniture close by and the rug looks effortlessly elegant and beautiful.
Have something in common…

Just like all good relationships, round rugs need to have something in common with another statement piece in a room to create a dashing partnership.

Like the sharpness of salt, against the earthy bitterness of pepper, a round rug when partnered with ‘something else’, can add even more to a space; that something can be… well, anything! From a statement wall sharing similar tones of colour, to a patterned round rug in sympathy with a piece of artwork, a round rug really can complete a room or a space.
Round rugs are not to be feared; the right size and proportion is the place to start, followed by the ‘right’ colour and patterns. Marrying a round rug with another statement piece will also give you the stylish floor covering you want…

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Buying rugs – tips for the nervous shopper!

Your home, as the saying goes, is your castle. We spend the majority of our time here; we love it, enjoy it and live our lives with passion in it. And so, it is no wonder that when we go to make purchases, such as rugs or furniture and the like, we can become less confident, nervous shoppers almost.

But with so many rug options on offer, it is no wonder and so here at, we have put together some handy tips to transform you from nervous shopper to confident, savvy consumer…

Tip 1: Find the right company

Many people end up making poor purchases simply through lack of research hence, they may end up at a ‘mega store’ and buy the first inappropriate rug on offer, as its on sale, near the door, the last one in stock and the sales representative says it’s a good idea…
Rather than opting for the mega store or the store that sells everything at a cut price, why not bob along to a local retailer, where they have experience and knowledge of the rugs they have in stock.

Or, if you are looking for quality rugs at great prices why not take a peek online. This way you can view hundreds of rugs, but refine your search by restricting colours, or even shapes and sizes. A great online rug retailer will not just be about the sell, sell, sell approach, they may also have blogs or articles on how to choose rugs, as well as cleaning advice and hints and tips when it comes to interior design.

Tip 2: Find the right rug for YOU!

Now you have found a few rug retailer options online and/or on the high street, you now need to look at the fibres rugs are made from; knowing how a fabric or material performs is a way of addressing whether that type of rug is right for where you want to put it.

For example, wool is a really robust material that can take a real hammering in a home and so, surprisingly, many people opt for this in their hallway but they can also function well across any room in the house. But what about fragile materials such as a shag pile rug? This would not perform to the best of its ability as it is trampled by dog paws, muddy wellies and several visitors every day.

You may also have other concerns, shared by many other modern-day consumers and that is the eco-friendliness of the material, as well as the use of any chemicals dyes or ‘dressings’ in the rug. Highly reputable rug retailers will have the answers to these queries and concerns.

How the rug is made can have an impact on whether it is the right rug for you or not; woven rugs are brilliant for lasting a long time and the way to tell (other than to ask!) is to turn the rug over. If you see the pattern on the underside, then it is a woven rug; this process of creating the rug means the back mirrors the front.

Other ways of constructing a rug include tufting and for some, this will mean the rug is perhaps not the best choice. Again, turn the rug and look at the underside, if you cannot see the pattern or there is a backing material, it means the rug is tufted. This is a cheaper way of making rugs, as it is quicker and although some articles will counsel you to stay away from tufted rugs, they can have their place within your home – and your budget!

TIP 3: The right price

The third major factor in any rug purchase is the price; some people have hundreds, maybe thousands to spend on a rug where as many people have a lot less. The amount you are willing to pay should not be an issue, but you do need to be realistic about what you can and cannot get for your money.

For example, some materials are more expensive than others, simply because they may take more processes to manage them and some types of rugs, as we have seen in Tip 2, take longer to construct a rug than others.
The tip here for the nervous rug shopper is to buy the best rug you can afford, as it will last a lot longer and avoid the false economy of buying ‘cheap and cheerful’.

Tip 4: Colour and pattern

There is a huge choice of colour and patterns when it comes to rugs and this is the main issue that rug shoppers become instantly nervous about – making a choice!

Online rug retailers are a great way to shop for rugs, as you can refine your search criteria and look at only blue rugs, without being distracted by red ones, or orange ones… or may be green would work?

In fact, rather than attempting the impossible and matching the rug to your interior décor, why not start with the rug? If you are re-decorating or re-modelling a room then by choosing the rug first, it is far easier to match and compliment the colours and shading with paint, wallpaper and patterns this way!

But, if you are not doing this and are shopping for a rug for a current, existing interior décor scheme then you need to look at what colour you want to accent or contrast. A rug can –and should be, in our opinion! – a fun piece that adds colour, whether striking and vibrant, or understand and gentle. Either way, a rug can really bring a room together.

And so, you are now a confident, savvy shopper of rugs, rather than cowering in the corner, opting for the first one you see that vaguely fits you colour scheme. You have selected an experienced and passionate rug retailer, you know the materials you want to avoid and the type of construction you favour, you also have an idea of the colour and pattern you would like… and at the right price!

Area Rug – do’s and don’ts

If you are not a wall-to-wall carpet person, preferring the ‘clean’ and minimalist style of floorboards or laminate, covered with rugs dotted here and there, then you are in good company. Rugs can bring versatility and proportion to a room, they can full competing or war designing factions together, bring peace and harmony, as well as real warmth underfoot.
However, with so many rugs, some many pros and cons and so many different aspects and factors to consider, that chasing the right area rug can easily become the stuff of nightmares.

It is for this very reasons that here at have complied a list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to the use of area rugs, so you avoid the pitfalls and create a stunning effect in your home.
DON’T skimp on size as this is the most common mistake that people make – buying a rug too small will simply see you waste your money and what should be a signature area rug, ends up looking a little lost and forlorn.

DO measure the room and where the key pieces of furniture will sit in the living room, lounge, dining room, conservatory or whatever room it is you are buying the rug for. In some situation, you may want all the furniture to sit on top of the rug, hence you will need a large one OR, you may decide to place your furniture around it; again, opt for an area rug that is too small will simply mean it looks lost again, or buy it slightly too big and all of a sudden, the room looks awkward.

DO centre the rug if you buy a larger one with your furniture sitting on it. In an enclosed room, the golden rug rule is to leave 18 inches around the edge of the room and the edge of the rug. However, if your room is on the smaller side, you could get away with an 8 inch gap. However, to get the right, symmetrical look, pleasing to the eye, you MUST centre the rug!

DO get the right size for the bedroom too and this means getting your tape measure out again! Single beds should have around 12
inches of rug showing on either side and with a double or king sized bed, you should increase this to around 18 inches. Of course, you can go bigger but interior designers suggest these rugs as a minimum in order to promote that all important symmetry to the eye.

DO make sure that heavy traffic areas, like the hallway leading to and from the front door for examples, has a wide enough rug so that people are walking fully on it, not with a foot ‘off’; this is not just about visual appeal but also ease and comfort of walking in such a busy area.

DON’T be afraid of pattern or colour, as these really can add a much needed injection of pizzazz! Rugs can add a playful element to a room and the great thing about them, over and above carpeting, is that you can change your rugs more often to suit the mood of the house. For example, when the summer is sizzling and temperatures scorching, you may opt for a lighter colour rug that bounces this light around but in the depths of winter, you may want to create a sense of warmth and cosiness, a look that can be easily achieved by changing the rug.

DON’T be afraid to invest in a rug as the quality of some of these rugs can mean they outlast you and your household. BUT, take care where you place the rug as you may not want to spend hundreds, possibly thousands of pounds on a rug that will be trampled by dirty feet at the back door…

DO keep your rugs clean. In many cases, rugs can be washed in the washing machine (if it’s big enough) or you may also find that they can be cleaned with a ‘wet vacuum’, hired from DIY stores. However, some do need specialist dry cleaning and investing in a dry clean of your prized rug every now and then is a great way of keeping it fresh, as well as extending its life.

DO opt for quality area rugs as much as your budget will allow! Expensive may not always mean better quality in some things but with rugs, you are more or less assured that the more you spend on a quality rug, the more robust it will be.

DON’T use the wrong rug in the wrong place! What this means is that you need to research the pile and fabric of a rug, especially if you want a rug for a high traffic area. A shorter pile will work best in areas where it will be ‘trampled’, but more luxurious, longer pile rugs will look great in the bedroom where footfall is lighter and less frequent.

DO layer rugs to get a great effect in a room. Texture can be added when you layer rugs, and you don’t have to stick to the same shapes or colours either. Experiment and decide what you like and what you don’t like.

DON’T just opt for a certain style of rug because you think that you have to, with the style of room or interior design that you have. One trend that has really made an impact on interior design in these last few years has been the use of eclectic patterns, style and colours. Rather than throwing in together in a mish-mash, there is some reasoning behind it! Choose a palette of 3 or 4 colours and use these throughout the room, in different patterns. But, to make it harder, keep an element the same in all the patterns that you choose.

A modern example are the birds and flowers we have seen creeping in to the wallpapers, and the pastels paints that are back. Mix and match these styles of pattern, keep the colour similar and add depth and texture with your rug; find out how

DO look at different shapes and what they can add to an area. Rugs can now come in all shapes and sizes, not just squares, rectangles and circular area rugs.

DO have fun with rugs!

Win £500 Towards a Rug of Your Choice – From The Rug Retailer

£500 prize draw

£500 prize draw

It’s that time again! Here is another one of the famous competitions from The Rug Retailer! Simply fill out the form below to be entered into the prize draw in order to be in for the chance to win £500 towards any rug on the website that you like! Good luck everyone!

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Competition closing date, Tuesday 30th of September.

Why wool is one of the best materials for rugs…

Wool is a material we know well; grown on different variety of sheep, they are shorn in the warmer spring months and their fleece spun and then used to create amazing products, from snuggly warm blankets, to duvets and wool rugs.
And wool is the perfect material for rugs in so many ways and here’s why…

1. First and foremost, wool is incredibly strong

Fabrics undergo ‘rub tests’ to test their durability; simple in its design, the rub test notes how many rubs, twists and turns a piece of fibre will withstand, before it breaks. A single wool fibre can withstand 10,000 bends before it breaks and so walking on it, does not present too much of a problem. Wool also bends easily and this malleability means it is not easily broken either.

Compare this to other materials and you will see why wool is the favoured option by many for rugs: silk, another natural fibre, can only withstand 2,400 ‘bends’ or rubs before it breaks, with synthetic or man-made fibres faring far less well. Viscose, often marketed as man-made silk, can only withstand 70 bends before it breaks, clearly a poor material for using in a rug.

2. Wool can be dyed…

… but if you think the colours are boring, think again! Technology and dyes have comes a long way and wool can now be coloured with many different vibrant and exciting colours and shades. It is also a fibre that holds on to dye well and also have a glowing, healthy shine to it.

There is something about wool that makes a room feel alive; as it is a natural product, it brings with it a sense of opulence too and the fact that it can now be dyed, more and more people are leaving behind the gaudy colours of the synthetic fibres and moving to more natural, organic materials – like wool.

3. Great natural properties

How many fabrics and materials do you know of that are naturally fire retardant and stain repellent? Not many but wool is one of them!

Wool doesn’t support a burning flame, and neither can the flame spread and so it simply extinguished; synthetic fibres can melt or burn ferociously, as well as give off noxious fumes hence the adage that it’s the smoke that kills you, not the fire.
Wool is also not a material that readily soaks up moisture and so anything that is spilt on it will, for a time, pool on the surface and, if you are quick enough, you can blot this spill so that it does not stain. Perfect for a busy family home!

4. Wool gets better with age

Again, there are no synthetic fibres that you can say, hand on heart, look better with every day that passes but wool, as a natural material, become more beautiful as each day passes.
And so the next time you see a synthetic rug advertised as a cheap price, consider the purchase for a second. It will stain and possibly melt or give off nasty fumes should it ever catch alight; it will wear thin, as well as looking tired and worn within a few months or years. But wool ages gracefully; it holds it shapes and repels stains. It can be cleaned easily too even thought people think it will shrink. It has a timeless elegance to it that no other material has.

5. Wool is from a sustainable source

The 21st century brings many pros and cons to it. For a start, we all need to be more aware and conscious of our impact on the earth and its scarce resources. Raised in the countryside, the sheep is not harmed when they are shorn; they go back out on the pastures, no worse the wear (or cold!) form not having their fluffy coats. Once the chill of winter has passed, the coat can go.
Consider how some synthetic fibres are made; you will find that somewhere there will be plastic and this is made from oil. A non-renewable resource, the days of oil are numbered.

But, there may be one drawback with wool – and to find it, we had to think really hard about this. But wool is not just attractive to us humans; with great insulating properties, you may find that any household pets are drawn to it too. Not only warm to lie and walk on, wool has a natural ‘smell’, possible undetectable to our primitive noses, but the sensitive noses of cats and dogs, wool smells divine. It oozes appeal and it begs them to come and lie on it.

Rich, opulent and attractive are just three words that we can think describes the qualities of wool. Robust too, a wool rug, cared for properly can last for a very, very long time – what fantastic heirloom to pass from one generation to another!
* Find out more about the amazing qualities and characteristics of wool, an important industry here in the UK *

The shaggy rug – making a comeback

Associated forever with the interior design schemes and décor of the 1970s and 1980s, shaggy rugs are making a serious comeback –with a modern 21st century twist.
But you may want to avoid your shaggy rug looking like a long-lost item from the 70s and there are ways and means of making it fashionable and on-trend. Shag rugs are not outdated and so join in the fabulous shag rug revolution by following the 21s Century shaggy rugs rules:

Colour, colour and more colour!

In fact, it is probably true to say that the more gregarious and colourful your chosen shag rug is, the better! If you are nervous about using colour, especially mixing colours from opposite sides of the spectrum, then you may need to look away now. Just like shaggy rug were a nod to the hippie in us all back in the 1970s, there is still a little bit of that left in the 21st Century version. Vibrancy, excitement and brightness are the order of the day.

Shapes shaggy rugs

Rectangular and square rugs are great for smaller room, but if you live in an open-plan or cavernous kind of space you can afford to be even more indulgent with a shaggy rug. The latest trend, started by well-known interior designers for their well-known clients are opting for huge, circular shaggy rugs and there is no hiding place – it HAS to be in the centre of the room. Trust us, it will add a completely different personality to a room and people will love it when they see it!

NO to colour?

If we cannot persuade you to opt for colour, or your interior schemes and colours will not allow for an injection of such deep or brash colour, then there is an answer – and we know you’ll it! Soft white or off-white, however you choose to phrase it, is the in colour for shaggy rugs but not bright white that is too stark within a room.

But, there is an even more retro look when it comes to these types of rug and that is to use a different material altogether – leather. A leather shag rug is the epitome of style and ‘something different’; after all, you couldn’t say that a shaggy rug is NOT meant to be noticed. Even smaller, more discreetly coloured ones will simply shout their presence in to a room.

The fireplace

And so, as we near the end of summer and enjoy the last splurge of autumn sunshine, for some their attention will start to shift to the upcoming autumn and winter. Cooler nights and shorted say may mean for some, that the luxury of the open fire once again comes along and what better way to entice you to sit in its glow, warming through than a shaggy rug.

May sound a bit too traditional, but who cares? A cold, cold winter’s night and you could curled in front of the fire, warm on the rug, propped by cushions reading the latest e-book… sounds idyllic, doesn’t it?

But, can you work a shaggy rug in to your décor?

We think so and here are some ideas…

Use more than one – we have said this in so many blogs now but a 21st century twist on any rug at the moment is the use of more than one rug in a room. But with shaggy rug, rather than layer them, simply dot them about the space and enjoy the wisp of their longer pile between your toes.

Modern interiors are no problem either but you will need to leave the vision of the 1970s rug behind and take a look at the new shaggy rugs on offer. Modern furniture is great – streamlined, clear cut, minimalist, fresh and zingy but it can look a bit flat in a room, too clinical almost and so you need texture.

There are many things that can supply this; soft furnishings such as cushions, different shapes, sizes and materials but you may feel too cluttered by these. And so, many a minimalist pad now has a shaggy rug adorning the floors (and sometimes more than one!). Softly textured, they are not brash but gentle, yet scream ‘look at me! Touch me!’

Traditional schemes you would think, would welcome shaggy rugs with open and they do! But you can still inject a cheeky wink to the 21st century trend – what about adding a ‘pop of colour’ with a rug? Deep, rich earthy tones introduced to the room with the texture of a shaggy rug.

Take a punt on black too. Some people would love to pull off a black carpet and it can be difficult, but rather than take too much of a chance (especially with your money!), opt for the safety but the opulence of a black shaggy rug! A perfect solution.
In fact you needn’t be stuck for ideas; as a trend, the shaggy rug seems to be here to stay

You could, if you wanted, dust off your lava lamp and enjoy the shaggy rug as it should be… the central focus of the room, loving the texture and just loving it!

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The weather has already dropped a few degrees and bare floors are starting to feel cold.
What better way to warm a room than with a shaggy rug!

All you need to do is visit our Shaggy rug page and tell us the name of the shaggy rug and the size you would like to win. Up-to the value of £500!!

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