Why a rug makes a perfect Christmas gift

Buying Christmas gifts for people can be easy or, it can be a nightmare. With the consumer society that we are increasingly living in, it seems that people get the things they want and need at all times of the year, not just during the festive season. This presents us with a dilemma; we often […]

Festive rugs – perfect rugs for Christmas

There is no doubting that the perfectly sized rug in any room, with complimentary colour and patterns, can pull the décor scheme together. In fact, this is why many people invest in a rug or rugs, but, there are many people who take the inclusion of rugs one step further – festive rugs for their […]

Brighten a room on a budget…

As sure as the sun sets and the moon rises, the seasons change. What can happen is that we are left marooned in the darkness of winter, the memories of summer already fading as we wrap up warm against the cold. But, when there are days and day of wet weather, grey skies ad biting […]

Can rugs be a key component in interior design?

Interior design – and getting it right! – can be a constant source of frustration, whether you have been handed the ‘gift’ of a blank canvas or trying to work with your existing furnishings. It can seem a daunting, insurmountable task to get the final look and finish you crave. However, it may not necessarily […]

The Rug Retailer Discount Code – Enter ‘Impulse101′ at Checkout

During the month of December we are offering 10% off any rug on our website! The days are shorter and the the central heating is well and truly on! Its time to think RUG! Take a look on our website, choose from our huge range, www.therugretailer.co.uk then enter the code ‘impulse101′ at checkout. Couldn’t be […]

Adding personal touches to your interior design – using recycled or reclaimed materials!

None of us can be in any doubt as to the importance of taking care and time in looking after the environment. With landfill sites in the UK bursting at the seams, it is more important than ever that we recycle as much as possible but, there is a new idea on the horizon that […]

Christmas Competition Time With The Rug Retailer!!

So It’s that time of year again. The build up to Christmas! To start building the festive spirit, we have we launched a Christmas competition. Somewhere on our shaggy rugs page http://www.therugretailer.co.uk/shaggy-rugs.html you will find Santa Claus hidden in one of our shaggy rug pictures. Simply tell us the type of rug that he is […]

Black Friday Is Nearly Here! 10% off Any Rug

Its Nearly Black Friday at www.therugretailer.co.uk. To receive 10% off any rug/s then enter discount code blackfri at checkout. Valid Friday the 28th only.

How to make sure you are buying a quality rug

Money doesn’t always buy quality but, quite often with man-mad items such as rugs, quality rugs will carry a high price tag than others. But, of course, this a double-edge sword; those less-than-scrupulous traders will often being enticed by large profit margins and so, the unsuspecting consumer could pay over the odds for a rug […]

The world’s most expensive rugs

How big is your rug-shopping budget? You may be thinking of a few pounds to hundreds, or maybe you have thousands of pounds to spend on rugs but, you are probably not expecting the price of a rug to run in to millions but, there are some amazing example of rugs out there that command […]

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