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Is there a room in your home that you think lacks drama and texture?
Is there a space that needs an injection of colour or a part of a room that needs warmth?

There are times when something extra needs to be added to a room. Budget and time constraints can make a full make-over an impossibility. Thus, a quick, simple addition to a room to transform it from ‘something lacking’ to being perfect is needed.
The addition you are looking for, the colour, the warmth and the texture are found in a rug, and we have so many rugs for sale that choosing one can be difficult…

Contemporary or traditional

There are thousands of rugs to choose from, with some suiting interior décor better than others. We all, of course, have different tastes.
Start the hunt for the perfect rug by considering whether your taste and décor needs a contemporary style rug – bright colours, bold patterns and so on – or a traditional one, such as more detailed, intricate patterns, with dark, rich colours.


And then there is modern… and ultra-modern.
Like fashion, interior décor schemes and trends change, influenced by the seasons and what the top designers create as part of their collections.
From bold, bright geometric patterned rugs, to the re-emergence of the shaggy rug from the 1970s, there is something for everyone, with a modern twist.
For ultra-modern appeal why not take a look at some of the ‘illusion rugs’ or sculptural rugs? Created so that they add many layers to a room, as well as adding a hint of drama, the modern rug can really ring the changes.


Square. Rectangular. Half-moon. Circular. Which would you choose, or do you want something different?
The shape of a rug is important. In a room, it must be perfectly proportioned, used to add a focal point and draw the eye, or be used to create separate, distinct areas.
If you don’t want to be constrained, irregular shaped rugs are simply perfect. Edgy and funky, they add drama without detracting from the rest of the décor. The range of irregular and shaped rugs for sale is ever increasing too.


The rug needs to ‘fit’ the room. It needs to be in scale and proportion. Too big, and it will drown the space. Too small and it will look forlorn, lost and forgotten. As you hunt through the racks of rugs for sale, be sure you know the optimum maximum and minimum size you need; with such a large selection, it is easy to be side-tracked.

The material

Rugs can be synthetic or made from natural materials. From wool to cotton, there is a growing demand for natural fibred rugs and, in the vast majority of cases, they will suit any home.
Synthetic or man-made materials, created to emulate the properties of natural fibres have their own set of benefits; in many cases, they can be washed and scrubbed time and time again. They can also be easier on the budget, a welcome benefit if money is tight.


Of course, the colour, the pattern, the design, the shape and the material will all rest on where you intend laying your newly-bought rug. Rugs can be used in any room, from the kitchen to the lounge, the hallway to the patio.
Where it sits will dictate what you need the rug to do
. Choosing the right rug rests on your criteria.

Get it right with The Rug Retailer

As one of the leading rug retailers in the UK, we have an ever growing range of rugs for sale; we have something that satisfies all tastes, all budgets and all interior décor schemes.
But getting it right, with such a vast array to choose from, can be a difficult task which is why we are here to help you.

We understand that you may prefer to see the rug of your dreams for yourself, and would be delighted to welcome you to our showroom in Warrington Cheshire, which is 15 minutes away from both Manchester and Liverpool. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are on hand to assist you in finding the right rug for your living space.

Choosing a rug has never been so easy, and so enjoyable, which is why The Rug Retailer is fast becoming the UK’s largest retailer of rugs. We pride ourselves on our superior level of customer service and are dedicated to making sure that you make a purchase that you are not just happy with, but thrilled about, making it an item that brings you many years of pleasurable use.

We offer many forms of payment to make your purchase as easy as possible.  Pay via card, PayPal, balance transfer or spread the cost via monthly instalments via our finance partner Dividebuy.

Our opening hours are 10am to 7pm weekdays and 11am to 4pm on Saturdays.

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