1. Neon - IX11
    Neon - IX11

    £279.99 Inc VAT

  2. Ariana AR08 Criss Cross Rugs
    Ariana AR08 Criss Cross Rugs

    £55.00 Inc VAT

  3. Rug Guru Karma - Jet Black
    Rug Guru Karma - Jet Black

    £156.01 Inc VAT

  4. Plush - Silver
    Plush - Silver

    £135.01 Inc VAT

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who is the rug retailer ?

As one of the leading rug retailers in the UK, we have an ever-growing range of rugs and hallway runners; we have something that satisfies all tastes, all budgets and all interior décor schemes.
But getting it right, with such a vast array of over 20,000 rugs to choose from, can be a difficult task which is why we are here to help you.

We understand that you may prefer to see the rug of your dreams for yourself, and would be delighted to welcome you to our showroom in Warrington Cheshire. Our showroom is 15 minutes away from both Manchester and Liverpool. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are on hand to assist you in finding the right rug for your living space. So, buying a rug online or instore we are here to help.


  • Dress To Impress with These Inspiring Dressing Room Ideas
    Dress To Impress with These Inspiring Dressing Room Ideas
    Dressing rooms are a glamorous luxury, a personalised space just for you to keep your clothes neat and breeze through in the mornings. Though it might seem something that’s just out of reach for those who don’t have boundless space or a spare room with no purpose, there are so many ways you can create your own dressing room out of the smallest spaces. In the U.K, each household has an average of 1.6 unused spare rooms[1], so it's very likely that you’ll have the space for your very own dressing room, just maybe not where you’d think. A dressing room is a completely personalized area, so you have free reign when it comes to decoration and layout, though your plan will have to factor in the space you have to work with. No matter what kind of capacity you’re looking at, we have some tips for areas of all sizes to become the perfect dressing rooms that will help give a classy, easy-going start to your day. Where To Add a Dressing Room? Dressing rooms aren’t necessarily reserved for the rich or those with spacious houses – there are quite a few places you can seamlessly squeeze a small dressing space into your house without taking up too much room. The perfect place for a dressing room would be somewhere between the bedroom and the bathroom, if possible, because then it’s well placed for you to dress after washing without having to trek around the house. Here are a few places you could set up a dressing room: A box room or spare room A long run of wall An alcove Long corridor Large cupboard
  • Top TikTok Cleaning Hacks
    Top TikTok Cleaning Hacks
    Cleaning is a task that most people have traditionally hated doing. But in 2021, the internet generation have done a complete 180 on their attitudes to cleaning with the weird and unexpected advent of ‘CleanTok’ – the cleaning side of the hugely popular video sharing app TikTok. As of May 2021, videos tagged with #CleanTok have received a ridiculous 13,600,000,000 views, and this number is only continuing to grow. What’s the big deal? The phenomenon of viral cleaning videos may seem to have come out of nowhere, but there is one uniting reason why they hold such a special place in people’s hearts. Cleaning videos partially owe their success to COVID-19, or more specifically, the multiple lockdowns caused by the pandemic[1]. People, young and old, have been forced to spend a lot more time in their homes, and cleaning is a way to kill time that just… makes sense. Once the surface level tidying, laundry and dusting is done, people have found themselves wanting to do more. And with the ever-growing popularity of TikTok, homeowners, students and even children have decided to document their cleaning journeys for the rest of the world to see. So, people are basically making these videos because they’re bored. But that doesn’t explain why people want to watch o
  • How to control allergens in your home
    How to control allergens in your home
    Allergies can control our lives when they are at their worst, and generally be a pain in the neck at their best. They’re even worse when the pesky allergens that cause your sore eyes and itchy skin to flare up are present in your home. Unfortunately, figuring out which allergen is affecting you is only half the battle but getting it out of your home for good is the biggest challenge. Allergens like pollen, mould and dust can hit hard any time of the year but thankfully there is plenty that you can do to limit their ill-effects. If you want to learn the many ways which you can control allergens in your home, read on. What is an allergen? First off, let’s clear up what an allergen is for those who are unaware. An allergen is something which can cause an allergic reaction. They are usually harmless substances unless you have an allergy, or sensitivity to the allergen[i] which triggers an immune system response. Symptoms of an allergy Are you unsure whether you are allergic to an indoor allergen? If you have been experiencing the following symptoms, you might well be experiencing one[ii]