Bug In A Rug Competition

Can you find the sneaky bug hidden on one of the rugs on our website? Simply private message us on Facebook with the name and colour of the rug he’s hiding on and you’ll be entered into a draw for £300 off a rug of your choice! Tips on the location to follow on Facebook. […]

Rug Discount Code For 10% Off To Help With Xmas Shopping

Fancy 10% off your next rug purchase? Then use our 10% off code. This is valid for all rugs and runners on our website. Happy rug shopping!!

You CAN re-use your old clothes to make rugs!

In this modern age, surrounded by technology and manufacturing processes that seem to make everything so cheap, it seems at odds that we would consider re-using old clothes to make rugs. But this process of re-using, recycling and upcycling has gathered pace in recent years, with attitudes changing from ‘why bother?’ to being a ‘must […]

Country rugs Vs. Urban rugs – which do you prefer?

There are many ways that rugs are classified and categorised; some people buy rugs using colour and pattern choices, helpfully displayed by The Rug Retailer. Other people prefer to buy rugs in patterns, designs and colours created in certain areas of the world, from the chic designs of France to the intricate and rich patterns […]

Rugs that truly stand out! How sculptural rugs are making a massive impact

Over the years, they have been called many different things – sculpted, tufted, carved, shaped, incised or woven and snipped in to shape – but sculptural rugs have a designer pedigree spanning decades. Today, sculptural, designer rugs are making an impact once again. They never really went away In the 1920s, modernist designer Eileen Gray […]

Avoid these 4 rug mistakes

The addition of rugs in a space should bring warmth, colour and texture BUT, although we spend hours searching for the rug, what can happen is that our judgement becomes skewed. Faced with row upon row of lovely rugs, soft to the touch and in a range of colours and patterns that dazzle us, we […]

How to get a rug to levitate and make your kids think you’re a genie!

Well, maybe not quite but you can have a lot of fun with rugs that can create illusions within a room. With clever placement and great choices, you really can have a lot of fun with rug… and leave your kids wide-mouthed in the process!   Rugs – the low down   Many people assume […]

Win a shaggy rug of your choice!

For this months competition you need to go onto our shaggy rugs page (www.therugretailer.co.uk/shaggy-rugs.html) and find the rug that shares the same name as a certain type of horse. Once you have decided your answer – Fill out the below form and submit it. Good luck everyone! Competition end date: 29/3/2015 Terms & Conditions 1) […]

3 simple ways to stop rugs slipping

Rugs are a brilliant buy for the home. You have, after all, poured over glossy magazines, walked many a rug store, surfed The Rug Retailer and seen the perfect rug thousands of times over. You have checked the budget and you have compromised on other accessories… And now you have taken the plunge. The rug […]

The Rug Retailer 10% off Discount Code

During winter and spring 2015 we are offering 10% off any rug on our website! The days are getting longer but the central heating is still well and truly on! A rug offers warmth as well as comfort. Take a look on our website, choose from our huge range, www.therugretailer.co.uk then enter the code ‘impulse101‘ […]