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Oriental rugs – making a comeback?

Some would say that oriental rugs never went away! Their timeless elegance and understated appeal have seen them grace many homes over the years. Standing not only the test of time, oriental rugs can also withstand the rigour of everyday life too.

In fact, being so well made, they can last for years; they can be repaired and cleaned several times. No matter what age they are, this style of rug never loses its appeal. (You can find these rugs on our homepage) The Rug Retailer

With one of the hot trends for being the harnessing of the traditional, oriental style rugs are once again on the agenda.
Oriental Rug

Thinking of opting for the traditional look?

To get the look you want, follow these tips…

The rug is the starting point

And this is the first point where people go astray; they have a blank canvas, paint the walls, choose the furniture and accessories – then spend months trying to find the perfect Oriental rug. By this point, it may not exist! Always start with the rug, matching the décor to it rather than the other way round. You will not only create the space you want, but it will seamlessly flow, with no jarring, obvious ‘that-will-do’ mistakes.

Do your research

There are many different styles and patterns of oriental rugs, not to mention shapes and sizes. Colours within these styles of rugs have tended to remain the same over the years – delightful earthy shades of brown, terracotta, greens, gold, rich red and splashes of beige or more neutral tone of colour. The pattern is intricate and detailed, repeated in a symmetrical way across the rug. Modern twists are also available on this design, with key components of the pattern magnified to make a truly modern rug.

Is size important?

Keeping one eye on your budget also means making compromises… with many people buying a high quality rug that may actually be too small for the space.
That said, there are not hard and fast rules, although some assay different. What this can lead to is the thought process that only one size will do, meaning you effectively limit your range of choice. Many people like a large rug, with the edge around all 4 sides whilst other prefer smaller rugs. Some ‘rug rules’ says all furniture must fit on a rug, whilst others say throw the rule book out! As long as it ‘fits’ the room and doesn’t look too lost in it, you really can go with anything.

‘Trendy’ oriental rugs

Modern twist on oriental rugs – especially patterns and colours – have been mentioned previously and there is no doubt whether you are opting for the traditional or modern style, that colour is important and is the reason why many people opt for these kinds of rugs. Those looking to incorporate a new oriental style rug within a traditional colour scheme, usually have few issues and the choice really is yours. But, it is worth remembering the impact colours can have on a space – dark carpet or rugs will bring the ceiling ‘down’, whereas lighter coloured rugs will push the ceiling away.

Multiple oriental rugs

Choosing THE design!

Oriental rugs comes in thousands of different designs that if you travelled the world over, you would be hard pushed to find two rugs the same! However, there are 3 groups that the patterns fall into:

i. as these nod toward the Navajo feeling and country origins

ii. Curved lines denote a more format setting and are associated with the influence of the cities within various
cultures, influenced over the centuries by European settlers.

iii. Contemporary designs are abstract from single-coloured rugs, through to abstract, yet ordered patterns; these are the rugs that people favouring modern interior décor schemes tend to opt for

Other common features include the centre piece medallion, as well as directional or picture patterns; this denotes the fact that oriental rugs are versatile. The centre medallion, for example, is often placed underneath an impressive chandelier, and is the aspect of the room that creates the focal point at its centre. With such flexibility, it is no wonder that interior designers across the globe come back to the master pieces of oriental rugs over and over again.


Rugs with a nod to the orient also undoubtedly offer a hint of romance to a room. There is something grand, opulent as well as an unspoken elegance when a room is well designed, decorated and accessorised, with an oriental style rug at its heart.
Are you looking to invest in an oriental rug? With so many designs, ideas and sizes, you really will be spoilt for choice here at The Rug Retailer.

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