3 simple ways to stop rugs slipping

Rugs are a brilliant buy for the home. You have, after all, poured over glossy magazines, walked many a rug store, surfed The Rug Retailer and seen the perfect rug thousands of times over. You have checked the budget and you have compromised on other accessories…

And now you have taken the plunge. The rug is bought, it has been delivered and it is now adorning the floor.

You would think that all is well but, it is not, for there is something happening that infuriates and frustrates you in equal measure.

The rug walks.banana

The rug walk – what is it?

It is a disaster. It is a health & safety issue. The rumpled rug is akin to the well-known slippery texture of banana skin.

It is a trip hazard. And, it has the ability to ruin the rug and cause you many a sleepless night. We jest not for the rug walk is something that blights people lives across the country, but there are solutions, some more robust and aggressive than others…

Imagine the scene (probably not too much unlike yours): a busy household with rambunctious children, a dog that hurtles everywhere rather than walks, a cat that leaps and bounds rather than a sedate walk and grownups, with drinks in hand, trays of food and just ‘general life’ happening. And then Grandma arrives, with walking stick in hand and sensible shoes… in amongst all this, is the biggest hazard you can imagine.

A large sinkhole in the lounge would pose less danger than a crumpled rug that has managed to walk from its spot into a crumpled, trip hazard right by the door. Down goes Grandma, with the rest of the family following.

The rug walk does not just happen when the smooth underside meets the slipperiness of a hard floor; the rug walk can happen when the rug meets any surface; carpet, wood, slates, stone… you name it, the rug walk can and does happen.

There are options

Some people simply give up, rolling the rug up and shoving it in the loft and we don’t blame them. The sight of Grandma flailing in distress of your crumpled wool mix, passion red rug with stitched edges is enough to send any family into a catastrophic spin of self-doubt and loathing.

If you have already taken this step, or are seriously considering it, take a moment to examine these three tips for keeping your rug on the floor, where you want it and NOT the crumpled, concertina rug cowering in the corner…

  1. The SOFT approach – picture hanging strips

Take yourself off to your local, friendly hardware store and invest in some cheap-ish picture hanging strips. Not the ones you would use for a priceless Turner, but ones that you would use to hang a canvas or two. Perfect for lightweight photos AND to stop rug creep.

The difference between rug creep and rug walk

There is a difference between what some customers describe as ‘creep’ and ‘walk’. Rug creep can be seen as a natural, yet controlled movement of the rug across the floor space as people walk on the rug etc. Rug walk is the excessive and uncontrolled movement of the rug; it can do this, seemingly, when no one is even home!

  1. The HARD(er) approach – glue it!

Before you take off and demand therapy, this could actually be a worthwhile manoeuvre. We are not talking about the incredibly strong glue that requires two chemicals to be mixed together and applied in a full body suit, with protective eye wear but some of the more softer adhesives that are available – again, from many hard ware stores. It is not a permanent solution but three small tramlines of glue at either end of the rug and then pressed firmly in to place can help stop rug walks.

**Disclaimer – some rugs may not withstand the use of chemical glue, and this method will only work on hard wood or laminate floors but again, being adhesive in nature may mean the glue could damage the veneer in the wood… we suggest using option 3 below**

  1. The BEST solution – Anti-slip rugs

There are many different anti-slip rugs on the market today, varying in price and all with promises of decreasing or stopping rug slipping or walking. Always check before purchase is the anti-slip rug is for use between rug and carpet or rug and hard floor.

These anti-slip rugs create friction between it, the rug and the floor helping in the prevention of rug walking or slipping. And, in all seriousness, an anti-slip rug is simply perfection when it comes to maintaining a rug, as it will last longer with such tender, loving care lavished upon it.

With your rug staying in place and not presenting a slip hazard, the family is safe once again…