How to get a rug to levitate and make your kids think you’re a genie!

Well, maybe not quite but you can have a lot of fun with rugs that can create illusions within a room. With clever placement and great choices, you really can have a lot of fun with rug… and leave your kids wide-mouthed in the process!


Rugs – the low down


Many people assume that rug have to be functional, neutral and, in the main, pretty boring. Staying away from patterns, many people assume that a plain rug will last the test of time, as well as see them through all the trends that will come and go in interior design.


The logic is thin, but understandable as you browse the range of rugs and floor coverings at The Rug Retailer. After all, if you have paid hundreds for a rug you want it to be able to look good for as long as possible.


But what can happen is that we tend to become a little too ‘safe’ in our rug choices. Choosing a plain, block colour rug is all well and good BUT, do you sometimes hanker after something different? The time has never been better to take the plunge, opting for a rug that is functional and very cool in the eyes of the younger generation…


Interior design should be fun!


How you plan and accessorise your home interior is entirely down to you; there are fashion and trends that come and go, some that we follow wholeheartedly and others than we loosely connect with.


We can however, become trapped in this cycle of ‘must-have’ interior accessories such as rugs, forgetting that living in our homes should be functional and fun. Illusion rugs, pretending that you and your kids are levitating way above the earth, is one way of breathing fun back in to the design of your home.


Levitation – is it a trick?


Levitation is seen by many, as a paranormal trick in which objects or people are seen to float in the air. A common cartoon example is where Aladdin takes the magic, flying carpet and levitates his way around to win his true heart’s desire.


It is a trick that has astonished people for decades but before you think that this thing of fiction is trickery, you may need to think again…


In 2007, it was discovered by a university scientific team that by manipulating the forces that normally attract each other, can be repelled thus small objects were seen to levitate. Reversing this phenomenon known as the Casimir force, small objects can genuinely be levitated although this ‘frictionless experiment’ has yet to levitate larger objects or humans.


It is the same ‘dry glue’ principle that allows a gecko to walk across a ceiling, without falling. But, if quantum physics is not your thing, then creating an illusion of a levitating rug is probably the best way forward…


Levitating rugs – or innovative ones at least!


Levitating your rug so that your kids think you are a genie is a possibility, if you have a decent understanding of quantum physics and how to turn attracting forces into repelling ones. With effort study and time – probably many months, even years – you could reach this goal.


However, if you want something a little quicker in its impact with less effort, then illusion or innovative rugs are perfect.


  • Oddly shaped – in many cases, we tend to choose from regular shaped rugs and, in the main, this suits the space very well. But, if you are looking for something slightly different, then take a peek at irregular shapes.


The very fact that angles are odd and different, all mixed within the piece means that they can create an illusion that affects the user’s perception of balance.

rug illusion


  • Strange patterns – another common trick that many people are now using in their homes, are illusion rugs with amazing, eye-popping illusions printed or woven in to them. The range of choice if ever increasing with anything from a staircase disappearing into a black hole and the illusion of the rug being sucked into a hole. People standing on them with various facial expressions of horror make a great photo opportunity!


So levitation is all a trick, unless you are a quantum physicist?


Possibly, although the mystery of levitation has been around for decades. Applying it to rugs is an exciting way of injecting fun into a room, without compromising on quality or warmth.


Levitation tricks and illusions depend on clever piece of apparatus, from steel rods, hidden in clothes as well as prosthetic limbs and the like; after all, it is an illusion… or is it?