3 rug shapes that make your room look bigger, instantly!

Shape, size, colour, pattern and texture are the five factors that combine to make a room look warm, ambient and welcoming. Combined across walls, ceiling, soft furnishings, accessories and rugs, your living space, regardless of what you use the room for, can become instantly welcoming but, they also combine to create something else – an […]

50 Shades of Grey Rugs

Rugs that Mr Grey would be proud to own! There is a lot of talk of grey at the moment, something not lost on The Rug Retailer. Grey is a colour that ignites debate among those who are colour ‘experts’. Those that have a deeper, innate scientific understanding of colours, along with the how and […]

Advice on buying carpet underlay

Picture the scene: after weeks, possibly months of searching, you have found your perfect carpet. Finding perfection in both colour and pattern, you invest heavily in the carpet, safe in the knowledge that the carpet will last a very long time… …or, will it? Not many people realise that seeking an underlay could give them […]

February Competition Time!!! Win a Rug of Your Choice!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to our February competition. This month the winner of our competition will get to choose any rug they want from our website! Simply all you have to do to be in for a chance to win is answer the below question:- Which one of our rugs in our http://www.therugretailer.co.uk/modern-rugs.html range shares the […]

How a well-chosen rug can set the tone of a room

We all want to create the room that suits us; for some, this will be clean, minimalist lines but for others, it will be a cacophony of riotous colour. The great news is there is one item that can add an amazing splash of colour, or provide an understated focal point to a space – […]

Why stylists use rugs to decorate walls and the reasons why you should too!

Rugs can be just as effective on the wall, as they are on the floor but it seems that many people simply do not have the confidence to take the plunge. And yet, fan through the pages of any glossy interior design magazine and you will find it awash with photographs of beautiful rugs hung […]

These Optical Illusion Rugs are Truly Amazing! Check them out!

Optical illusions have inspired and mystified us for centuries. There are many ways of creating optical illusion, the most common being art or paintings but, did you know that rugs are joining in too? Here at www.therugretailer.co.uk, we have long been fascinated by these amazing rugs and so we decided to take a look at […]

Rug maintenance and stain removal tips

Accidents and spillages happen – from a dropped ice lolly, to muddy paws, misplaced chewing gum and a dropped plate of food. The floors in our homes take an onslaught of stains and spills every day, with our rugs being no different. Within next to no time, the high quality, much-sought after rug you bought […]

Everything you need to know about synthetic rugs – and whether they are the right choice for you

Years ago, if you took yourself off on a rug buying expedition, the likelihood is that you would take home a wool rug. And this would be no surprise, for wool is quite simply, the very best material ever for making a whole heal of things, rugs and carpets included. Fabulously robust, amazingly and naturally […]

Everything you need to know about moths and bugs on your rugs!

Insects and bugs are everywhere and yet, we seem hardly to notice them until they start to infest our homes. From out of nowhere, they all of a sudden become a problem; they are transported in to our homes in a number of ways – on our pets, on our clothing and they can also […]