Choosing rug perfection!

How to get the right rug, for the right space Regardless of what a space had to offer or the treatment it endures, from kids to pets, people walking across it hour by hour, or just the odd patter of feet, there is rug perfection out there – you just need to know how to […]

Win £500 towards a rug of your choice

Hello Everyone! The weekend is approaching. Friday is finally here! Over at The Rug Retailer we have decided to launch a new competition. To be in for a chance to win a voucher for £500 towards a rug of your choice, simply answer the below question. Name two rugs on our shaggy rugs page that […]

Wonderful things made out of rugs

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. The 3Rs of how countries of the European Union are handling waste and making wonderful things out of rugs and carpets is just one way of helping to reduce our impact on the natural environment and resources. The reality The room is long overdue for a complete make-over. You have decided that […]

Reusing and recycling old rugs

No one can deny the importance of recycling, upcycling and downcycling in today’s modern world. With natural resources running low, and the need to produce less waste, it is no surprise that the UK-based consumer has wholeheartedly thrown themselves into creating less waste and, when this is unavoidable, recycling as much of it as possible. […]

How to clean and care for shaggy rugs

How to clean shaggy rugs is something that troubles many potential customers of these great rugs; their fluffy, luxurious pile is what attracts people to invest in these rugs and, in recent years their popularity has started to increase BUT, the thorny issue of how to clean them is ever-present. You will be pleased to […]

Why a rug makes a perfect Christmas gift

Buying Christmas gifts for people can be easy or, it can be a nightmare. With the consumer society that we are increasingly living in, it seems that people get the things they want and need at all times of the year, not just during the festive season. This presents us with a dilemma; we often […]

Festive rugs – perfect rugs for Christmas

There is no doubting that the perfectly sized rug in any room, with complimentary colour and patterns, can pull the décor scheme together. In fact, this is why many people invest in a rug or rugs, but, there are many people who take the inclusion of rugs one step further – festive rugs for their […]

Brighten a room on a budget…

As sure as the sun sets and the moon rises, the seasons change. What can happen is that we are left marooned in the darkness of winter, the memories of summer already fading as we wrap up warm against the cold. But, when there are days and day of wet weather, grey skies ad biting […]

Can rugs be a key component in interior design?

Interior design – and getting it right! – can be a constant source of frustration, whether you have been handed the ‘gift’ of a blank canvas or trying to work with your existing furnishings. It can seem a daunting, insurmountable task to get the final look and finish you crave. However, it may not necessarily […]

Adding personal touches to your interior design – using recycled or reclaimed materials!

None of us can be in any doubt as to the importance of taking care and time in looking after the environment. With landfill sites in the UK bursting at the seams, it is more important than ever that we recycle as much as possible but, there is a new idea on the horizon that […]