Christmas Competition Time With The Rug Retailer!!

So It’s that time of year again. The build up to Christmas! To start building the festive spirit, we have we launched a Christmas competition. Somewhere on our shaggy rugs page you will find Santa Claus hidden in one of our shaggy rug pictures. Simply tell us the type of rug that he is […]

Black Friday Is Nearly Here! 10% off Any Rug

Its Nearly Black Friday at To receive 10% off any rug/s then enter discount code blackfri at checkout. Valid Friday the 28th only.

How to make sure you are buying a quality rug

Money doesn’t always buy quality but, quite often with man-mad items such as rugs, quality rugs will carry a high price tag than others. But, of course, this a double-edge sword; those less-than-scrupulous traders will often being enticed by large profit margins and so, the unsuspecting consumer could pay over the odds for a rug […]

The world’s most expensive rugs

How big is your rug-shopping budget? You may be thinking of a few pounds to hundreds, or maybe you have thousands of pounds to spend on rugs but, you are probably not expecting the price of a rug to run in to millions but, there are some amazing example of rugs out there that command […]

Win a shaggy rug worth £500!

Hey everyone! It’s competition time again over at The Rug Retailer!! For your chance to win simply go to our shaggy rugs page and find the rug brand which shares the same second name as a certain Italian, Liverpool football player. Once you have found it simply fill out the form below with the […]

Rugs in children’s rooms – don’t scrimp on style!

Just like using a rug anywhere else in the home, a rug in a child’s bedroom can dramatically alter the look and feel of the space – great news when changing the décor of a room, as well as adding a new level of sophistication for a growing teenager. But, don’t assume that children’s rugs […]

Is a shaggy rug for you?

A shaggy or shag rug can make a space look completely different; of all the textured rugs available to the discerning homeowner, the shag rug is the one with the most impact. It will be the rug that will draw the most attention from visitors to your home, with various comments as well as the […]

Competition Time! Like Us On Facebook!

Hey everyone. As part of our monthly competitions here is our latest! Fill out the form below and like us on Facebook to be entered into the Prize draw! The winner will receive a voucher worth the value of £500 to spend on Competition closing date, Friday 31st of October. Winner will be drawn […]

Can a rug be too big?!

A rug can be so much more than a simple floor covering and yet, it is this simplicity that makes rugs once of the most sought after items when it comes completing a room or interior design scheme. But, so often, the high hopes people have of the humble rug can thwarted and there is […]

How to successfully use round rugs

Round rugs are not difficult to incorporate in to a home and yet, of all the shapes and sizes of rugs, the circular rug seems to be the one that most people are nervous of. Does it deserve to be labelled as difficult? Could the round rug be successful in your home? Using a round […]