When we think of green, we often think of the great outdoors, naturally soothing environments and gentle country walks. We don’t often think of our living room interiors, simply due to the boldness of the colour and the fact it can be considered “too dark” or “too bright”. However, used in the right way, an elegant, natural or botanical-inspired green can truly liven up any interior or create an exciting statement. Take a closer look below at some ways you can easily incorporate a hint of green in your home.

1.      Subtlety is Key

Unless you’re looking to create a bold statement in a large space, little changes can be a great way of incorporating just a touch of green into your home’s design. You can begin with subtle changes such as soft furnishings, an elegant green rug or throw. You could even consider changing up your choice of picture frames and accessories to add in that slight touch of green to gently introduce the colour.

2.      Keep to Timeless Patterns

It is very easy to get caught up in the latest design trend. Re-wallpapering a room in the latest motif may seem like a great idea, but in two or three years it will look instantly dated. To introduce a touch of green in a bolder way, stick to classic patterns showing off pops of the colour in ways which suit your interior. Tessellated tile shapes, sharp yet familiar geometrics and even softer circular designs and patterns are much more welcoming than an over the top, of the moment design. What’s more, opting for a timeless pattern allows you to get more creative with the choice of colour palette, matching together vibrant greens you may not have considered.

3.      Intensity Wins in North-Facing Rooms

North-facing rooms are known for letting in little sunlight, which gives you more creativity to play with when it comes to colour. An intense, bold green tone will work much better in a room where sunlight isn’t at a premium. Whether you create a statement wall in a juicy, rich green shade or go bold with emerald-inspired fabrics and furnishings, the darker room will naturally allow for these shades to stand out and create a great impression.

4.      Be Inspired by Modern Botanical Patterns

Whether looking at wallpapers or floor coverings, leading designers have taken real inspiration from the natural world. There are stylish designer rugs on the market which show off both subtle and bold botanical patterns, from leafy palms to floral bouquets. A single statement piece can be all you need to inject the contemporary botanical style your room is needed, while ensuring it doesn’t seem overwhelmed or too forest-like!

5.      Go Relaxed with English Country Garden Style

While many contemporary styles look to sharper edges, bold geometrics and colour combinations which are both bold and unusual, you can use green to keep things classic. The quintessential English country cottage interior combines soft mint greens and similar pastels, creating a timeless rustic chic look.

Whatever your personal style and décor preferences, adding a shot of green into your home is very simple. The creative and original options, shades and colour palettes out there ensure there is no reason not to give it a go and see how you can liven up your living space.