Dress To Impress with These Inspiring Dressing Room Ideas

Dressing rooms are a glamorous luxury, a personalised space just for you to keep your clothes neat and breeze through in the mornings. Though it might seem something that’s just out of reach for those who don’t have boundless space or a spare room with no purpose, there are so many ways you can create your own dressing room out of the smallest spaces. In the U.K, each household has an average of 1.6 unused spare rooms[1], so it's very likely that you’ll have the space for your very own dressing room, just maybe not where you’d think.

A dressing room is a completely personalized area, so you have free reign when it comes to decoration and layout, though your plan will have to factor in the space you have to work with. No matter what kind of capacity you’re looking at, we have some tips for areas of all sizes to become the perfect dressing rooms that will help give a classy, easy-going start to your day.

Where To Add a Dressing Room?

Dressing rooms aren’t necessarily reserved for the rich or those with spacious houses – there are quite a few places you can seamlessly squeeze a small dressing space into your house without taking up too much room. The perfect place for a dressing room would be somewhere between the bedroom and the bathroom, if possible, because then it’s well placed for you to dress after washing without having to trek around the house. Here are a few places you could set up a dressing room:

  • A box room or spare room
  • A long run of wall
  • An alcove
  • Long corridor
  • Large cupboard
  • Tight corner
  • Compartmentalise a room – add a curtain or some kind of divider to master bedroom

If you are clever with space and storage (try making use of hanging rails, hooks and fitted shelves), you can turn almost any area into a dressing room, big or small. Remember to plan your design around the space you have and the number of things you want to squeeze into it – you don’t want to completely transform a small corner only to find you don’t have enough room for all your clothes and accessories.

Separate The Room

Before you start thinking about furniture, you should consider how (and if) you’re going to separate your dressing room from the rest of the house. It’s a good idea to put something in front of your dressing space because it creates privacy and gives you room to get ready at your own pace without interruptions, making for an easy start to the day or night. If you’re converting a whole room, then you’ll already have a door you can close behind you for privacy, but otherwise, here are some ideas for you to make your dressing room a more personal space:

  • Install sliding doors
  • Put up curtains
  • Try a room divider or a screen
  • Use glass partitions
  • Put in a shelving unit

Shelving units and glass partitions are great choices if you have children or pets to keep an eye on but still want your privacy. A shelving unit will also act as further storage for both your dressing room and the room you have set it up in.

Bring In Furniture

No matter how big your dressing room is going to be, you’re going to need a place for everything in it. Investing in good furniture is worth it in the long run because it will last, and you want a sleek, long-lasting style with the added security of knowing that your things to be well protected within it. You have a choice between fitted and freestanding furniture here – fitted is often more expensive but gives you more space for the rest of your dressing room, though both choices offer great storage options inside with drawers and shelves.

  • Wardrobe - Choose a roomy, sturdy wardrobe that will last long and store everything you’ll need it to. Keep in mind that shelves, drawers and extra space in a wardrobe can be used to store shoes, hats, gloves and other accessories, so plan what you will keep in there and go for one that has enough space for it all.
  • Hanging Rails - If a wardrobe’s too big for your dressing space or you have a little bit too much stuff to fit in just one, consider hanging rails to keep your clothes neat and hung up without taking up so much room. You can get hanging rails with shelves on top or drawers below for extra storage too.
  • Dressing Table - A dressing table is essential for those with an extensive collection of jewellery or makeup to keep these accessories safe and accessible. Dressing tables have plenty of storage space in the form of slot boxes and drawers for you to stash your appurtenances, but they also have plenty of room on top to display your prized pieces.
  • Storage Boxes - Storage boxes are a must for dressing rooms of all sizes for organisation as well as space. You can get an array of patterned storage boxes that will fit any style, taste and purpose, so consider what clothes and accessories you would like to store in them and choose the right boxes for this. 

Organise Your Wardrobe

Keeping your dressing room organised is important for a clean, relaxing space, and nowhere is this more essential than your wardrobe. There are a few ways you could go about keeping your wardrobe space organised - here are some ideas:

  • Try organising your clothes by colour to make for a system that’s easy to work with,
  • Hang elements of outfits together so they’re easy to reach for in the morning
  • Stash away shoes and accessories tidily on shelves and in drawers (you could use shoe boxes or storage boxes for a more put together style)
  • Make sure that fragile fabrics, like wool or cashmere, are protected from moths and dust in clothing storage bags.
  • Rotate the clothes in your wardrobe by the season - put away your summer clothes during winter in storage boxes and vice versa

For other tips and ideas on decluttering your wardrobe and dressing space, check out this article here.

Make Good Use of a Dressing Table

A dressing table adds a stylish element to any room, and if you own a lot of makeup and jewellery, it’s the best place to store and use it well. You can use jewellery or makeup stands on the tabletop for your regularly used pieces and organise the rest into the drawers of the table, though glass cake stands and bowls are a great, classy way to show off your prized pieces. If you plan on using your dressing table for applying makeup regularly, make sure it has a large mirror and consider bringing in a seat if you have the room for comfort when getting ready.

Choose Good Lighting

Though it might not seem it, the right lighting is imperative for a dressing room because you can get a truthful idea of how you look. Harsh lighting, like overhead lights, can be very unflattering and cast shadows in all the wrong places, making a potentially good style look terrible. Instead, opt for strip lights around a mirror or LED lights around the room, because these give a softer shine and cast an even amount of light across your face and body.


You want your dressing room to be your own, a luxurious area with your belongings neatly stored away that makes getting ready in the mornings so much easier, so decorating and personalising it is important. A lick of paint or a good strip of wallpaper can brighten up your dressing room and even make it feel bigger (soft tones are best if that’s your aim) and adding personal photos or art pieces can bring your individuality to the room. A rug gives a gorgeous elegant touch to any space (these sheepskin rugs are a perfect soft, classy choice) as do mirrors and glass trinkets, but design your dressing space however you wish to help kickstart your day the right way.

Utilise Storage

No matter the size of your dressing room, maximising your storage is the best way to create a clutter free, relaxing area to make for a stress-free morning. Here are some good storage ideas for you to try in your dressing room:

  • Store away lingerie in soft cotton storage bags
  • Use a laundry basket to put away dirty clothes (you can get wall mounted or fold out laundry baskets for extra space)
  • Keep your hair products, including your hair dryer, in a vanity case – this makes it easier if you’ll need to take them with you on trips or holidays too
  • Use old shoe boxes to organise and put things away
  • Hang smaller things like sunglasses or bags on racks on the wall
  • Keep the room clean and organised – clothes, shoes and accessories strewn around the room will make it feel cluttered and therefore smaller, so give everything a place and make sure it stays there.

Start Your Day Off The Right Way

There are so many benefits to having a dressing room – it’s easier and more relaxed in the morning, there’s less clutter in the bedroom and it can increase the value of a house – so putting together a little area for yourself wherever you have the room is a great idea. If you maximise the space and make good use of storage, you’ll be feeling classier and more put together every morning.

Got any inspiring dressing room ideas of your own? Let us know!


[1] https://www.propertyreporter.co.uk/at-home/ow-much-money-does-the-average-home-waste-in-unused-space.html