It’s very easy to fall in love with a bold rug design online or in a shop, can be one thing but trying to take it home and make it work with your interior is another. Some people are intimidated by the idea of a bold rug but it can easily become a stylish element of almost any room design. If you really fall for a bright and bold design don’t simply forget it, consider these ways of styling the rug and your space to show off this unique and vibrant investment.

Bold Rugs

Bold Rug, Neutral Furniture

If you really want a bright and bold rug as a feature of your home, other furniture needs to be the opposite. Choose a neutral colourway for the biggest pieces of furniture in your room, which ensures your eyes can naturally move around the room and not be overwhelmed by the pattern. Having your sofa or other main pieces of furniture in a neutral tone allows the rug to speak for itself.

Repeat Rug Tones in Other Accessories

Blending a bold rug into a room can be achieved if you pick out key tones from the rug and repeat them around the room. It could mean investing in small accessories such as prints, light fixtures and throws or pillows. Picking out just one colour from a bright rug in other elements of the room helps to make it fit in more naturally.

Bold Walls work with Overdyed Vintage Rugs

The trend for overdyed, vintage and supersaturated rugs means there are a vast array available to fit in with many different interiors. The intricate patterns and unique colourways mean many people choose to team them with only simple, neutral walls and furniture. However, the bold, elegant styles of these rugs blend beautifully with bold and deep feature walls. You can be bolder than you think with a little creativity.

Intricate Patterns, Neutral Tones

If you’re not quite ready to consider bright and bold colours, then get vibrant with your pattern choice. There are a wide range of monochrome rugs on the market which show off classic and statement patterns without overwhelming your space with colour. Large and powerful images and geometric shapes can be just as bold and eye-catching as an array of colour and it can help keep a room feeling comfortable and relaxing, whilst still having a stunning feature.

Staircase Creativity

Not many people opt to add colour and style to their hallway or staircase, but why not? These underused connecting spaces allow the rug to be a feature without overwhelming the experience of any in the room. What’s more, as we pass through our hallways and up and down the stairs at pace, the patterns don’t have a chance to get old or tired as quickly.

If All Else Fails, Design the Room Around Your Rug

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a blank space to work with but if you do, why not design your room around the statement rug you’ve fallen for? A bold rug can form the base of a whole room’s design and you can pick out accent colours and tones to build a whole interior design with the rugs itself right at the heart.