Kitchens can be the centrepiece of any home, with homeowners stating that they’d be willing to offer more on a property if the kitchen was recently renovated[i].

Even if you’re deciding to sell, but just want to update your kitchen for 2021 and give it a breath of fresh air, we’ve put together some fantastic kitchen design ideas that are bang on trend for this year.

These are the top kitchen trends in 2021: -

  1. Convenience features
  2. Kitchen/home office
  3. Decluttering & decanting
  4. Statement colours
  5. Metallic features
  6. Pantries
  7. Recycled & reclaimed features
  8. Statement splashbacks


Convenience features

Features like boiling water taps, downdraft fans and better-integrated storage are all the rage this year as people spend more time in their kitchens.

Convenience features are essential in a modern home. We’re busier than ever. Even if we’re not leaving the house as much right now, we still have work, homeschooling and everything in between to get through daily, so waiting for things like the kettle to boil can feel like waiting for Christmas.

Features like instant hot water taps can save you so much time, especially when you calculate how many brews you have on average per year. According to Google Trends [ii], interest in them is on the rise; perhaps triggered by all this working from home and the instant need for a cup of joe. They also free up space that a kettle would take up on your countertop.

Downdraft extractor fans are also becoming increasingly popular modern kitchen design and are a great space saver. They’re less bulky than their more traditional overhead counterparts, and overall they create a more minimalist look. From a practicality point of view, they also eliminate odours at the source, so you don’t have the smell of food drifting throughout the house. 

If you want to renovate your kitchen fully, consider calling in the experts and overhauling the layout. A well laid out kitchen can make things much more manageable and create better use of space even if your kitchen is small. How many of you have been in larger kitchens but felt like you couldn’t swing a cat in there? A well laid out kitchen is the epitome of convenience.

The kitchen/home office

People are adapting to Work From Home by converting their kitchens into multi-use spaces

woman using kitchen as an office

Work from home (WFH) in itself became a trend in 2020 and it looks like it’s here to stay for at least the first quarter of the year. With that in mind, if you’re renovating your kitchen, you should focus on how to make it a multi-functioning area.

The concept of ‘flextention’ kitchens was a huge trend in 2020, set to stay in 2021 thanks to lockdowns and homeschooling. Thankfully, these multi-generational style kitchens will also double up as entertaining spaces when we’re able to socialise indoors.

By incorporating countertop seating, or extendable islands, breakfast bars can become a hidden home office; especially if you consider the storage space such kitchen features include. You can store all your office supplies in cupboards beneath the island without anyone being any wiser. Larders are also big news for 2021 and can equally hide your home office equipment.

If your layout is a little more broken plan, you can even create a specific area for work or study by accessorizing well; think kitchen rugs and mats for adding depth and detail underneath seating areas.


Declutter and decant

There has been a huge movement to decluttering kitchens with clever accessories & more emphasis on reducing plastic waste by decanting bulk buy paper and cardboard packaged products into glass mason jars etc.


A clean and tidy area usually means a tidier mind. While we all love the latest and greatest kitchen appliances, we don’t always want to see them. Modern kitchen design is minimalist and clean. So what’s the best way to conceal your appliances? With cabinetry, of course.

Dishwashers and washing machines can easily be concealed and even fridge freezers can be built into sliding cupboards, for example. Mid-sized household appliances like microwaves can be built into the kitchen for a smoother finish and small items like coffee makers and toasters can sit in a larder-type place. 

If you’re looking for a great way to accessorize your kitchen with useful items, decanting food into mason jars is the way to go. They can then be placed on wall shelving (perhaps above the oven if you’re using a downdraft extractor) to keep your worktops clutter-free and easier to cook/work in.  

Make a statement with colour

People have stopped being afraid of colour in the kitchen


Muted, earthy tones are in fashion for 2021 so think about this when selecting shades of green or blue, make sure it has that desaturated undertone and you’ll be bang on trend for 2021. These shades complement metallic features too, which is another of our statement 2021 trends (see below).

If you want something more expressive and vibrant, shades Magnet’s ‘Pass the Merlot’ can add a warm pop of colour to your kitchen and works great with gold features and reclaimed statement pieces. Red is going to be a big colour for 2021, so even if that shade feels a little bit too much, you can play around; a terracotta take on it will work fabulously.

You can also go to the complete opposite and opt for all black. Black works especially well if used as part of a two-tone trend where you have contrasting furniture such as white backsplashes or stools. Wren put together a great blog post on how to make a black kitchen work for you.[iii]


Metallic features

we’ve seen a huge increase in the use of metallic features in kitchens

metallic features in a kitchen

Metallic features are the perfect finish to any kitchen design and can bring together other materials and textures like wood and marble perfectly.

Of course, you can use real metal too, it’s becoming more and more popular in kitchens and is hardy material, making it perfect for the general wear and tear a kitchen will be subjected to over the year. Metal finishings work best with industrial styles like concrete and reclaimed wood. Brass can be a prominent feature for handles and taps if your kitchen cabinets are blue or green.

If you’re on a budget, changing small things in your kitchen like your cabinet handles and taps can make all the difference. If your budget stretches further, invest in some cabinet paint which will finish off the makeover for the fraction of the cost of a brand new kitchen.


Pantries are making a comeback

Once a dusty feature of the past that were pushed aside by fridges, pantries are making a comeback


Pantries and larders have made a comeback over the last couple of years and are expected to be big news in 2021 too. Traditionally an external room or cupboard separate to the kitchen, modern pantries provide a stylish solution for those in need of plenty of dried food storage.

As is it 2021, though, they don’t have to just be storing food you don’t know where to put. Most modern kitchen designs showcase pantries as the storage place for coffee machines, glassware and cups, toasters – anything. It’s a place you can get creative with your kitchen design ideas Why not use it as a place to conceal your chopping boards and spice racks? Many cabinet makers will be able to custom design something exactly to your requirements.


Recycled and reclaimed features

recycled kitchen

Upcycling has also been the modern furniture idea of choice for many and is a trend we’ll be seeing a lot of in the 2021 kitchen.

Not only can some antique/used items create a great statement, but it also’s better for the environment, reduces waste and can sometimes boast better quality. It’s can also be more useful for the job at hand; reclaimed wood planks are usually wider than their new, modern counterparts. Older wood is also much less likely to split than new timber – it’s stood the test of time and passed. Reclaimed wood can be used for unique kitchen countertops, shelving, or tables and when teamed with other upcycled materials like clamp style table legs it can add a rustic feel to a modern kitchen.

Statement Splashbacks

statement splashback

Last but not least, we wanted to include splashbacks. People are being far more adventurous nowadays when it comes to their kitchen design, and as such, louder experimental design ideas are at the forefront in 2021 kitchen decoration. It also serves as the perfect complement to a more subdued kitchen. So, if you decide you don’t want bold vibrant colours on your cabinets you can stick with white or grey and still be daring by incorporating a unique splashback. They also work incredibly well with black designs as it draws the eye away from the darkness of the cabinetry.

If you’re considering a statement splashback for your kitchen, be sure to take inspiration from the elements in your design as this will be huge for 2021.

We hope these kitchen design and decorating ideas have inspired you to update your kitchen in 2021. Even if you’re on a budget, if you take on even some of these styles gradually throughout the year, you’ll be able to bring your kitchen up to date and potentially add value to your property.

Remember if you’re designing and decorating yourself, ensure the kitchen flows with the décor in the rest of the house – it doesn’t need to be exactly the same, and by all means, you can make a statement. Just be careful not to disrupt the general style of your home. Want to know more information about this? Check out another article on home interior design trends for 2021.

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