A shaggy rug is normally the perfect addition to a decor if you're looking to inject comfort and warmth.
With so many available online it can be a daunting task when its comes to choosing the perfect rug. We recommand you choose your colour first and then determine your budget, most shaggy rugs are plain but there are many patterned ranges too.

Best For Comfort & Quality

Plush may not be the cheapest but it certainly is one of the best.
When Plush was first sold in the UK around 5 years ago it was a first when it came to thickness, density and weight.
The Plush range has expanded over he last few years and now includes 18 colours and 5 size options.
Plush has often been copied in light pile weights but none are as heavy or as good a quality as the original.

Plush Rugs By Asiatic

Best for value

Cascade Rugs

Cascade has a long 7cm pile length and looks very luxurious and warming. Its not as dense or as heavy as Plush but its much less money.
Cascade features two different pile thickness yarns, normal polyester and micro fibre polyester. Each rug has a nice glossy shine and looks very modern and comfortable.
Choose from 15 different colour options, each made in 5 sizes.

Cascade Mauve Rug

Best Patterned Shaggy Range

Nomad By Nourison

Nomad may not be the thickest when it comes to pile height, but what it lacks in depth it makes up for in style.
The design are Moroccan inspired but with a modern twist of colour and boldness. I can't help liking this range, the colours grab your attention. Its a range that triggers your mind into thinking 'where can I put this rug!'

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and it helps to make your mind up when buying a shaggy rug. If you need any information on any of the above or any other rug please get in-touch with us.
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