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Ana Super Shaggy

Ana Super Shaggy

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Ana Super Shaggy Rugs

The beautifully luxurious feel of the rugs in the Ana Super Shaggy collection will make your room feel cosy, comfortable and extravagant. Available in a range of sizes and a choice of colours including claret red, anthracite grey and chocolate brown, matching your interior decor with one of these rugs will be easy.

The plush texture of these rugs is created by machine weaving high-quality thread into a heavyweight shag pile. This pile is made shorter than some shaggy rugs which makes these cheap rugs easy to clean whilst also being incredibly dense and luxurious.

Heavy in weight this machine woven shag pile rug is ideal for customers requiring a high quality dense rug with an easy-care pile. The pile is shorter than some of our cheaper shaggy rugs but it is very dense and luxurious, ideal for hoovering and heavy use areas around the home. Available in 4 sizes including a large room size rug.