Rugs Made To Measure

Most of our rugs are made in set standard sizes. Sometimes this is not the ideal option for customers requiring a certain size to fit a certain room space. So we now offer a made to measure service on many of our ranges.


Custom size terms & conditions information.

1. Custom made rugs are usually handmade in India or China, so delivery is between 12-16 weeks (Approx but can take longer).

2. Custom size prices are around 50% more than our standard size prices.

3. We require full payment upfront for bespoke made to measure rugs.

4. Custom made sizes are non-refundable. Only damaged rugs or incorrectly made rugs can be refunded. Please note we cannot cancel or refund made to measure rugs once the order has been placed. Time frames given are only estimates, bepsoke sizes can take longer or can arrive sooner.

5. Allow 5% - 10%  tolerance as rugs can settle and acclimatise. This results in a slight expansion or contraction.

As soon as you place your order, we will start the manufacturing process of your rug. Once we have received your custom made rug, we will contact you regarding delivery.

Please note many of our bespoke rugs have a minimum order area of at least 3 square metres. Some ranges are less so please contact us if your order is less than 3 square metres.


Price Quotes


Please contact us for price quotes or via the Contact Us page.


We need the following information.


Rug name and colour.
Size you require.
Your details - Name, email address or contact number.