Taking a legendary design from the Louis de Poortere collection and using it to inspire a whole range, the Antiquarian rugs range by the designer is both opulent and eye-catching. The original Antique Hadschlu Rug by Louis de Poortere has inspired a whole range of elegant, luxurious and surprisingly modern textile designs.

Editing and reworking the original Hadschlu design has allowed for a vibrant and bold range of distressed, Oriental-style rugs. Classic design features combine with a home-friendly flat-woven and a simple elegance that can work in the most modern of homes.

Each elegant rug in the Antiquarian Collection has a classic feel. Each is woven using traditional Jacquard looms using soft chenille yarns. The distressed appearance and intricate details adds true style to any home and ensures a classic look which can easily blend with modern interiors. The range has been created in a vast range of sizes to suit rooms of different dimensions and to ensure almost anybody can enjoy the exceptional quality and originality offered by the range.