Designer Rugs

The Rug Retailer is the UK’s premier retailer of designer rugs online, letting you indulge your passion for that ultimate look without the need to trail to the high street.

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40 Products of 390 Total

  1. Zehraya Border - ZE02 Ink Blue

    £126.00 Inc VAT

  2. Lustrous Weave - LUW04 Blue Grey

    £145.00 Inc VAT

  3. Lustrous Weave - LUW03 Blue

    £145.00 Inc VAT

  4. Linie Story - Usky Blue

    £230.00 Inc VAT

  5. Linie Nika - Aqua

    £500.00 Inc VAT

  6. Linie Nika - Blue

    £500.00 Inc VAT

  7. Michelle Collins Navy - OS0078

    £105.00 Inc VAT

  8. Wecon Home Next Time WH-4336-01

    £135.01 Inc VAT

  9. Skye SK03 Wave Blue Rugs

    £175.01 Inc VAT

  10. Esprit Flower Capsul ESP-4321-02

    £135.01 Inc VAT

  11. Amelie AM10 Vintage Blue Rugs

    £62.00 Inc VAT

  12. Esprit Salt River - 10004-06

    £75.01 Inc VAT

  13. Esprit Fox In The Wood - 4371-03

    £236.00 Inc VAT

  14. Passion PSN17 - Blue

    £69.00 Inc VAT

  15. Damask - Blue DAS06

    £39.00 Inc VAT

  16. Waves Shores - 9132 Blue Nile

    £374.00 Inc VAT

  17. Splendore - 9024 Mare

    £657.00 Inc VAT

  18. Splendore - 9036 Blu Grigio

    £657.00 Inc VAT

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40 Products of 390 Total


We stock the top designer rug brands, bringing you the latest collections from Plantation, Esprit Home, Brink & Campman, Linie Design, Tom Tailor, Louis De Poortere, Kathy Ireland and Calvin Klein. With so many of the top names in designer rugs, no wonder we have earned a reputation as being the number one retailer of designer rugs in the UK today.

Whether your preferred look is for the contemporary or the traditional, a designer rug not only adds visual appeal to your living space but also shows that when it comes to your home furnishings, you are not willing to make any compromise. Whether you are looking for a rug that will become the centrepiece of your living room, or a designer piece for a busy hallway or even a rug to cosy up to near an open fireplace, being the perfect solution to hard-wearing wooden flooring but that sense of comfort too, The Rug Retailer can help. With a whole host of shapes, designs, colours and sizes, we are dedicated to ensuring that you never need to look elsewhere in the search for the perfect designer rug.