Jacaranda Rugs

Nearly all Jacaranda rugs are made by hand, they are some of the best quality rugs obtainable in the UK. All rugs in the Jacaranda range are made from natural materials such as leather, New Zealand wool, viscose, Tencel and silk, Jacaranda only use ethical and environmentally sound production practices, without compromise to quality or style. Jacaranda leather rugs are hand stitched from the finest quality hide. Jacaranda Himalayan hand-knotted rugs are individually hand-woven In Nepal on wooden looms. Sizes stocked are 6' x 4', 5' x 8', 6'.6'' x 8'.3'' and 6'.6''x 10'. All stocked rugs can be made-to-measure. Jacaranda’s Himalayan and Leather ranges are designed to give customers complete freedom to choose Jacaranda’s designs or to create their own. The option to have stocked designs made in your own colours is becoming popular with customers that want to match colour schemes to their décor.

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