Trinity Chenille Rugs

Trinity Creations have created a beautiful collection of high quality flatwoven cotton chenille rugs which will brighten up any home. There are three distinctive ranges in the collection and has its own beautiful and unique style. There are both neutral and minimalist designs as well as those with a bolder and brighter appearance. Below is a closer look at each of the ranges:

Oriental: the Oriental rug range incorporates both neutral and bolder colourways. Each rug has a traditional pattern but the modern colours bring them right up to date. Each rug is 100% quality cotton chenille and conveniently flat-woven, easy to position anywhere in your home.

Nebula: with cosmic inspiration, the Nebula rug range has a modern and contemporary appearance. It is available in four unique colourways, which are all quite subtle and easy to coordinate. Like the other ranges in this collection Nebula rugs are 100% flat-woven cotton chenille.

Karamea: the Karamea rug range has an exotic appearance and a pattern which brings together classic rug design and modern colour. There are both bold and subtle colourways available in this rug range and it is made from a combination of 80% high quality New Zealand wool and 20% chenille cotton.

All of these Trinity Creations rugs are available in a range of sizes to suit your home.

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