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Dreamweavers Rugs

Dreamweavers Rugs


Dreamweavers is an established American company who have been designing rugs and other soft furnishings for over 30 years. It was founded in Little Rock in Arkansas and they have slowly but surely expanded to export their products around the world. Their initial ethos and goal was to find an economic and ecological way of producing their designs and they began to specialise in the use of up-cycled fabrics.

Their first collections involved reused fabrics which incorporated everything from the lining of suit jackets to yarn fibres and they first expanded into Asia before making their first moves in Europe in 2003. We are proud to showcase and sell a range of Dreamweavers rugs and they have created many of the rugs in our collection specifically with the European market in mind, adapting their colour palettes and styles to the modern market here.

Dreamweavers is proud that their products have been seen on Channel 4’s Grand Designs, with both their rugs and cushions appearing on this show and their celebrity clients include both former president Bill Clinton and singer Katy Perry.

One of the most popular pieces in the Dreamweavers range is the Pebble Rug, which utilises materials which are most commonly found in children’s toys and the rugs are all hand-stitched which makes them even more original and unique for your home.

Dreamweavers is a company who sticks to its roots and they are passionate about the handcrafted nature of their process and ensuring each of their products is both luxurious and has an individual edge. The combination of ethical design, innovative production methods and high quality at the heart of all they do, Dreamweavers pieces are a wonderful choice for many different styles of modern home. We stock a wide range of their products including their rugs, cushions and throws, with a range of colours and styles available.