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Sitap Designer Rugs

Sitap is a premium Italian design company that specialises in the quirky, original and stylish end of the rug design spectrum. The company was founded in 1993 in Milan and maintains a great reputation for original and unique design. High fashion is the inspiration behind many Sitap designs and they also have a real pride in their Italian heritage. Each design incorporates high fashion influences with genuine Italian elegance. There is playful edge to their designs too. Expect mixed fabrics, unusual textures and designs which are as much about the touch and feel of the rug, as its appearance. Sitap bridge the gap between genuine high fashion and value, with exceptional designs throughout the collection. They include everything from machine woven designs to those which are carefully stitched by hand. A mix of materials from leather to cottons to bamboo fibres can be found among their designs too. Diverse crafting methods are also used to get the most from each material chosen and the result is a vibrant and fascinating collection of contemporary rugs. This is a company that looks to modernise and adapt year on year, keeping their Italian heritage at their heart. You can explore the range of Sitap rugs in our collection below.