Natural Rugs

Bring the colours and textures of nature into your home with our beautifully earthy natural fibre rugs which ooze style, warmth and low-key sophistication. From natural wool and seagrass to hemp, sisal and jute, all our natural rugs are hardy, homely and will look stunning with any room or style of décor.

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  1. Zarla - Black

    £90.00 Inc VAT

  2. Mumbia - Black Sisal Border Rugs

    £160.00 Inc VAT

  3. Cochin - Black / Jute

    £159.52 Inc VAT

  4. Nessa - Anthracite

    £295.00 Inc VAT

  5. Soumak - Charcoal

    £125.01 Inc VAT

  6. Super Jute - Black

    £320.00 Inc VAT

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10 Items

Finest natural rugs

Nature’s influence in our homes can bring a beautiful serenity and warmth, and with our natural fibre rugs, you can be sure of long-lasting quality as well as a beautifully natural design. We only stock the best rug brands, who use the finest natural materials, and many of our natural rugs are handwoven for that extra special touch and detail.

Our natural fibre rugs are also hardwearing, thanks to the materials used and work well in a range of rooms and locations, including kitchens, hallways and conservatories. Easy to care for, we also offer our natural rugs in a range of sizes, from smaller floor coverings to a large natural rug that is ideal for open plan spaces.

As one of the leading rug retail specialists, we have over 25 years’ experience, and our skilled team are always on hand to help you choose the right natural rug design and size. Contact us today for a free consultation.

A touch of nature

If you are looking to add a little more nature into your home, then check out our latest range of stunning natural rugs to complement and your own personal style and taste. We work hard to bring you the highest quality rugs at the very best price. All our natural rugs are also backed by our lowest online price promise, so you know you are getting great value as well as a beautiful rug to call your own.

View our natural fibre rug selection or visit our Warrington showroom today.