Aubergine / Plum Rugs

The deep rich tones in our plum and aubergine rug collection are delectable, bringing an earthy, fruity gorgeousness to a room, and making lighter colours in your decor really pop. Team with bold colours such as silver and gold for a decadently modern look or dress down with complimentary tonal shades for a truly romantic home space.

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37 Items

  1. Poppie - Purple

    £55.00 Inc VAT

  2. Orion Blocks OR13 Heather Rugs

    £59.00 Inc VAT

  3. Carved Glamour in Wine

    £70.00 Inc VAT

  4. Mumbia - Plum Sisal Border Rugs

    £160.00 Inc VAT

  5. Valence Rugs - Plum

    £490.00 Inc VAT

  6. Polar - PL95 Plum

    £41.00 Inc VAT

  7. Origin Honeycomb in Raspberry

    £95.00 Inc VAT

  8. Delano - Mauve

    £105.00 Inc VAT

  9. Nimbus In Heather

    £185.01 Inc VAT

  10. Elegance - Aubergine 6674

    £1.00 Inc VAT

  11. Esprit Fida - Berry

    £84.00 Inc VAT

  12. Diva - Heather

    £95.01 Inc VAT

  13. Cascade In Heather

    £45.01 Inc VAT

  14. Urban Shaggy - Heather

    £99.00 Inc VAT

  15. Stripes In Grape

    £56.99 Inc VAT

  16. Whisper In Heather

    £45.01 Inc VAT

  17. Sheepskin - Berry

    £60.00 Inc VAT

  18. Yamuna - Plum
    £0.00 Inc VAT
  19. Veronica - Plum
    £0.00 Inc VAT
  20. Tashen - Plum
    £0.00 Inc VAT
  21. Folium - Bordeaux

    £946.00 Inc VAT

  22. Momo Rainbow - Peacock

    £515.00 Inc VAT

  23. Linie Unit - Wine

    £199.00 Inc VAT

  24. Linie Lubo - Wine

    £470.00 Inc VAT

  25. Linie Sachi - Heather

    £640.00 Inc VAT

  26. Linie Reita - Bordeaux

    £260.00 Inc VAT

  27. Ambrosia - Heather

    £646.00 Inc VAT

  28. Edge - Bordeaux

    £626.00 Inc VAT

  29. Carter - Berry

    £59.99 Inc VAT

  30. Tropics - TS03 Plum

    £319.00 Inc VAT

  31. Zira Jute In Heather - 007

    £255.01 Inc VAT

  32. Sheepskin In Plum
    £0.00 Inc VAT
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37 Items

Add depth and warmth

Versatile yet strong enough to make a style statement on their own, both plum and aubergine are a top design trend that’s sowing the seeds or a timeless classic. The deep richness of the colours makes them a stunning alternative to blacks and dark blues as they bring a warm and sense of depth to a room.

A plum rug has a sweet tone that works beautifully with matching pinks for a glamorous and feminine look or pair against stark white for an awesome colour pop. An aubergine rug takes a room to a whole new dimension and can work beautifully with other strong shades, such as orange and earthy greens.

We also stock a creative choice of aubergine and plum patterned rugs, from soft colour blends to vivid geometric designs for you to shop online. Or opt for a deep, rich floral to lift both a traditional and modern room.

Wide choice of designs

A rug from our aubergine and plum rug range is a delight to settle down with, and with our wide range of sizes and styles, you can be sure of your ideal fit. Or contact us today to discover more about our custom size service.

All our rugs are backed by our low-price promise, and interest-free payment options are also available. Browse our latest plum and aubergine rug collection and buy your favourite today.