Purple / Lilac Rugs

With its royal heritage and available in a vivid range of shades, purple is a popular home design trend, and when you bring a purple or lilac rug into your home, you’ll soon discover why. Bold, modern and decadent, the rich purple tones add a luxuriant warmth and can revitalise both contemporary and traditional room designs.

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  1. Heritage Floral - Lavender

    £191.00 Inc VAT

  2. Poppie - Purple

    £55.00 Inc VAT

  3. Extravagance Shaggy in Lilac

    £60.00 Inc VAT

  4. Orion Blocks OR13 Heather Rugs

    £59.00 Inc VAT

  5. Hex Purple Border Wool

    £96.00 Inc VAT

  6. Zehraya Border - ZE01 Purple

    £126.00 Inc VAT

  7. Teddy - Lavender

    £35.00 Inc VAT

  8. Athera AT04 Purple Border Rugs

    £168.00 Inc VAT

  9. Esprit Relaxx - 4150-13 Grape

    £65.01 Inc VAT

  10. Mantra MT24 - Grey / Purple

    £70.99 Inc VAT

  11. Mantra MT15 - Grey / Purple

    £70.99 Inc VAT

  12. Mantra MT04 - Grey Purple

    £70.99 Inc VAT

  13. Colt Medallion In Fuchsia CL04

    £65.01 Inc VAT

  14. Granada in Ruby

    £56.01 Inc VAT

  15. Dallas in Mauve

    £69.01 Inc VAT

  16. Carved Glamour in Natural

    £70.00 Inc VAT

  17. Carved Glamour in Mauve

    £70.00 Inc VAT

  18. Shimmer Shaggy in Mauve

    £60.00 Inc VAT

  19. Chicago in Lavender

    £60.00 Inc VAT

  20. Valence Rugs - Heather

    £490.00 Inc VAT

  21. Basket Weave 3D in Lilac

    £140.00 Inc VAT

  22. Polar - PL95 Plum

    £41.00 Inc VAT

  23. Polar - PL95 Lilac

    £41.00 Inc VAT

  24. Polar - PL95 Lavender

    £41.00 Inc VAT

  25. Delano - Raspberry

    £105.00 Inc VAT

  26. Delano - Mauve

    £105.00 Inc VAT

  27. Borders - Mauve

    £75.00 Inc VAT

  28. Nimbus In Heather

    £185.01 Inc VAT

  29. Indigo Rugs In Mauve

    £38.01 Inc VAT

  30. Linie Lucens - Purple

    £626.00 Inc VAT

  31. Blade - Heather

    £139.00 Inc VAT

  32. Diva - Purple

    £75.01 Inc VAT

  33. Mantra FR40 - Grey & Purple

    £70.99 Inc VAT

  34. Maharani - 830 Purple

    £343.85 Inc VAT

  35. Verona - OC15 Grey / Purple

    £50.99 Inc VAT

  36. York - Purple

    £55.01 Inc VAT

  37. Duckworths - Purple DUK02

    £146.01 Inc VAT

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40 Products of 77 Total


Texture and shade

Match, contrast or even clash, a purple rug is a bold way to refresh a room and works as well against neutrals as with traditional styles. And with a painter’s palette of shades to choose from, we have the perfect purple rug to catch your eye.

From gentle lilac and lavender to vibrant violet and deep aubergine, our purple rugs will add a richness and almost regal quality to your paint décor and soft furnishings, bringing your living space to vivid purple life. Go for a simple purple rug to create a solid base or opt for one of our purple rug designs, which add extra texture, shade and pattern to your room.

We have all the sizes you need for your home, from small to our popular large purple rug collection and can also offer a custom-size service – call us to find out more.

Quality and value

Deliciously rich, purple works with so many other colours, from gold to cream, yellow or green. Or create your own twist on the monochrome style by pairing a purple or lilac rug with a black and white room design.

Our richly coloured purple rugs are also great value, as we source from the leading rug brands to bring you quality at an affordable price, backed by our low-price promise.

Check out the latest designs in our purple rug range or contact us today for free, no-obligation rug design and home style advice.