Gold / Yellow Rugs

Bring a little sunshine into your home life with a gorgeous yellow rug in a choice of citrus shades. From lemon and cream to rich, decadent ochre or gold, a yellow rug will add a pop of colour and contrast to many home décor schemes and create a warm glow in any room.

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40 Products of 241 Total

  1. Shimmer Shaggy in Ochre

    £60.00 Inc VAT

  2. Brooklyn - BRK04 Grey/Yellow

    £101.00 Inc VAT

  3. Royal Nomadic A638 - Yellow

    £90.99 Inc VAT

  4. Chevron Rug In Sand

    £739.00 Inc VAT

  5. Isla Shaggy Rug Gold

    £30.00 Inc VAT

  6. Hex Mustard Border Wool

    £96.00 Inc VAT

  7. Gilbert 2061X Yellow

    £27.00 Inc VAT

  8. Vancouver - 18214 Beige/Yellow

    £71.00 Inc VAT

  9. Zehraya - ZE09 Gold Yellow

    £126.00 Inc VAT

  10. Pop Yellow Outdoor rug

    £65.00 Inc VAT

  11. Harmony Geometric - Ochre Yellow

    £160.00 Inc VAT

  12. Hug Rug Woven Diamond - Gold

    £70.00 Inc VAT

  13. Hug Rug Woven Trellis - Gold

    £70.00 Inc VAT

  14. Carlton - Mustard

    £235.00 Inc VAT

  15. Halsey Outdoor Rugs - Mustard

    £35.01 Inc VAT

  16. Linear - Ochre Yellow

    £185.00 Inc VAT

  17. Bloom Circle - Ochre Yellow

    £200.00 Inc VAT

  18. Linie Margun - Mustard

    £290.00 Inc VAT

  19. Linie Snefrid Mustard

    £330.00 Inc VAT

  20. Linie Metallum Mustard

    £235.00 Inc VAT

  21. Topaz - Gold G4705

    £36.00 Inc VAT

  22. Teddy - Yellow

    £35.00 Inc VAT

  23. Sierra - 9000 Yellow

    £45.00 Inc VAT

  24. Mumbia - Ochre Sisal Border Rugs

    £160.00 Inc VAT

  25. Kasbah - KB2025 Ochre

    £230.00 Inc VAT

  26. Athera AT05 Gold Border Rugs

    £168.00 Inc VAT

  27. Aurora - AU13 Mica

    £63.00 Inc VAT

  28. Wecon Home Next Time WH-4336-05

    £135.01 Inc VAT

  29. Taza TA02 Ochre Rugs

    £85.01 Inc VAT

  30. Esprit Caledon - 30001-03

    £75.01 Inc VAT

  31. Mantra MT24 - Grey / Yellow

    £70.99 Inc VAT

  32. Mantra MT15 - Grey / Yellow

    £70.99 Inc VAT

  33. Mantra MT04 - Grey / Yellow

    £70.99 Inc VAT

  34. Linie Rainbow Ochre Rugs

    £169.00 Inc VAT

  35. Linie Cover - Ochre

    £405.00 Inc VAT

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40 Products of 241 Total


Sunshine fresh

From sharp citrus bright to antique gold tones, yellow is the latest must-have when it comes to adding a new rug to your home. And the beauty of this happy shade is that it is super-versatile and can transform a dull room into a stunning place to sleep, eat or relax.

A gold rug adds a rich elegance to a traditional or neutral-toned room while a sherbet yellow rug brings a real zest to a more modern décor or monochrome room design. Or why not add a pop of sunshine fizz to a child’s bedroom with one of our fun, yellow-toned soft rug designs.

We have all shades of yellow, so you are spoilt for choice, as well as a range of delectable patterns, sizes and designs to put a golden-hued spring in your step.

Browse our fresh yellow rug collection today or contact us if you have a specific room in mind, as we can also offer custom sizes on many of our rug products.

The perfect shade

Whether you want to go bold or prefer a yellow rug that’s a little more muted, we have the perfect rug for your home. And whatever your budget, you can be sure of quality, as we work some of the leading rug brands to bring you great value, backed by our low-price guarantee.

Shop online today or visit our Warrington showroom and bring a little ray of yellow sunshine into your home.